March 6, 2023

                                Chairperson Laverne Schieffer called Tabor Board of Trustees to order Monday, March 6, 2023 @ 6:30 p.m. at Tabor Community Center with Ken Carda, Susan Shrader, Brian Neumayer, Linda Bares, Ev Kloucek (FO0, Rich Sutera(main.,) present.  Absent Kent lehr (lawyer).

                                Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

                                Motion Bares, second Shrader to approve agenda as posted.  Motion carried.  Motion Carda, second Neumayer to approve financial report as presented.  Motion carried.  Motion Shrader, second Carda to approve last months minutes as published.  Motion carried.  Motion Carda, second Bares to pay bills as presented.  Motion carried.

                FINANCIAL: General-$519401.35; Water-$35924.17; Sewer-$538788.56; Park Savings- $16332.10.

                GENERAL: EFTPS, 941, $1299.30; EV KLOUCEK, FO salary, $1249.84; BOARD $484.84; LAVERNE SCHIEFFER, Feb. amb, $64.64; JEN CARDA, Feb. Aamb, $64.64; KEN CARDA, Feb. amb. $55.41; RICH SUTERA, main. $3948.96; JVAVRUSKA, st. utility, $100.; SDRS, retirement, $571.04; TRIBUNE, publish, $57.46; FT. RANDALL, utility, $119.86; BONHOMME ELECTRIC, utility, $1332.55; TABOR CO-OP, st. etc, $904.84; NAPA, st./amb etc, $249.88; PECHOUS REPAIR, dump truck, $139.83; ACE, st. etc, $74.87; TITAN, st. etc, $1503.12; JIM KAROLVITZ, snow removal, $657.; CORTRUST, box rent, $25.; A-OX, amb. Supply, $22.84; DEMCO, library supply, $87.81; SCHOLASTIC, library supply, $300.15; KALINS, library heat pump, $99.; VISA, annual fee, $9.; CLERKBOOKS, annual fee, $1600.; US POST OFFICE, PO rent, $94.; CNA, FO Bond, $600.;Total- $15913.95. WATER: B Y WATER, 848000 gallons, $2628.80; BON HOMME ELECTRIC, utility, $572.; PUBLIC HEALTH, lab fee, $15.; Total- $3275.80.

                Business: No lawyer present, as Supreme Court did not support court appeal, zoning, residential zoning ordinance, tabled, and resident late on water surcharge. Wastewater, Code Enforcer, no updates.  No Municipal election as Ken Carda filed 3-year term petition.  Motion Carda, second Shrader to approve Annual Audit as presented.  Motion carried. Equalization meeting will be held March 20, Monday @ 6:30 to review tax assessment, and will meet Wednesday, March 22 @ 6:30 p.m. with Director of Equalization, BH School Board, BH commissioner members, to review grievances filed.  Grievances must be file by Thursday, March 16, 2023, 5 p.m. to Finance Office.

                New Business; 224 N Lidice property cleanup, tabled.

                MAINTENANCE: Attended Class in Springfield, as informative and will be attending SDWWA class in Yankton, March 28-29. Contacted Hartington Tree service as looking for trees for Cimpl and Takota Park, tabled. Working with Ryan, as pump house generator in need of repair and waiting for Kohler to send cable/ software, as possible issue. Working on Nutrition Center roof as leaking. Looking at grants that may be available for picnic/ bath house renovation.

                Financial; Building permit to Tabor Petro, (remodel). 15 late water notices sent with 6, 2nd notices sent.  Board reviewed 2nd notice sheet as residents are making partial payments.  St. Main and FO to revise 2nd notice to be sent.  Board asked Main. to look into remote d/c meters.

                Motion Carda, second Shrader to adjourn at 7:45 p.m.  Motion carried.  Next Town Board meeting Wednesday, April 5, 2023 @ 6:30 p.m.

Evelyn Kloucek, Finance Office                                                   Laverne Schieffer, Chairperson